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"Our Divinely Gifted Shamsa can 'SEE' your health needs without touch"
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"I came first time, but I would like to come every week because of excellent relaxing Massage"
"ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM My name is Farida Omar (file no.om001) and i have been coming for treatment since about 2008 until now. i would like to tell you how wonderful i feel and what my experiences are with Ancient Health Care. When i started my treatment, i suffered with serious migrane headaches, pain in the shoulders, spine neck and back. i basically lived on doctors medication, antibiotics and painkillersdaily.i received excellent treatment from Linda. Ive never experienced another migraine since. It's unbelievable how mutch better i was feeling. Recently i started experiencing other problems with my health, tired, heartburn, weakness, dizziness stomach very bloted and could not eat properly as the minute i eat anything, i suffer from indigestion. i fely like my life is over. I then decided that i should see Shamsa.On Sunday the 8th April 2012 i visited Shamsa and she identified many problems in my system and what she told me was so accurate the way i was feeling. I immidiately started my medication and therapy. The therapist treaed my stomach with point cupping on the 13th April 2012. The next day i was shocked and amazed at the huge parasite that come out of my colon. I took a picture of this parasite so as i can do a bit of research. After this treatment i have enourmus energy and feel like a brand new person. It is amazing that with just one weeks treatment and medication that my life has changed so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHAMSA AND ANCIENT HEALTH CARE Ms Farida Omar"
William Rabie
"Brilliant. Professional, this Therapy should be compulsory. Thank you so much."
Marda Loots
"Very relaxing and calming. I would definitely come back again and tell others about it."
Augusta Matime

I came here with a knee problem. I must say that it has been sorted out and also my lower back pains have since disappeared-thanks to the Techniques used here.f shgh f gfd dfg fh

Fatima Ahmed
"Really good, excellent Therapy. The best ever..I would recommend this Therapy to everyone suffering from any Ailment. It re-energizes the body to assist in its own Healing. The best thing is,t hat it really works without side effects. It is an overall Mind and Body Therapy"
Brenda Qrobler
"The Therapy is extremely Beneficial. It has helped me alot of the problems I suffered, such as headaches and stomach roblems. It's also a fantastic form of relaxation that I can't do without."
"First the Assessment by The Health Practitioner was brilliant. The Massage Therapy was a wake-up call. Most Pressure Points were visited and the whole body felt good and vibrant. I have previously been for these Therapies but never felt so good! I definitely recommend anyone to visit them."
Linda Snyman
"I started therapy in June 2009.1 had ten sessions for swelling(injury on leg and other problems).It proved very, very effective and I was 100% healed. I continued thereafter for irregular bleeding (Perimenopause) and Blood- pressure. I think the Therapy is excellent. The Therapists are have very specialized knowledge and are very, very skilled and I will keep coming back for Treatment."
Blessing Meseko
"I find Therapy to be Effective, Herbal medication works wonders without any side effects. The therapists are well-trained and professional. Blood pressure levels have normalised since diagnosis."
"first time i went to one of your branch i left the place so happy and so light,its really good for the body it is not just luxary."
Andreis Mokgatle
"I was came for massage and cupping and now i want to book for accupunture, good treatment and proffesional therapy."
"Hi there. Kindly forward me a catalog with your price list, if possible. Thanks"

The theraphy is excellent, had a problem with bld circulation now i fell so relieved and the pain are gone. i now sleep like a baby.Thanks to Kim and May.melville branch.

Farzana Majeed

Treatments & Therapy have helped and assisted me a great deal...Just keep the consistency, and all will settle into place. Balanced energy levels, no aches or pains, weight management...& much more! Thanks a mill


"Ancient Health Care Centers" Offer Alternate Healing that Benefits the Body as well as the Mind. Often times we discover patients that come to us who have already exhausted western medication and thus return to the Ancient Source of Healing.

Our Methods Include:

  • Pressure Point Massage Therapy
  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Cupping
  • Qwasa (Body Brushing)
  • Points Cupping.
  • Laymens arm massage
  • Chinese (Qi) foot massage.

This enables us to achieve the balance required in the body and the nervous system. Discover a place where your Body, mind and soul emerge re-energized, balanced and rejuvenated. A place where time stands still...
Where all cultural and traditional healthcare needs are met. Ancient Health Care Centers are the Perfect place where you can escape to heal. Our Chinese therapists practice Ancient Chinese Healing Methods, and are dedicated to serve and heal those who visit us.

so Ancient,yet effective

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